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Stepping Up to the Registrar Role Series – View our First Three Webinars Above

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Your chance to hear from current trainees about what it’s like to move from being a Resident to a trainee and how best to manage that transition.

 General Medicine Trainee – COMING SOON

Intensive Care Trainee – COMING SOON

Paediatrics Trainee – COMING SOON

Dr Abhinav Aggarwal (Surgery/Orthopaedics) – REPLAY AVAILABLE NOW

Dr Rachel Seaniger (Psychiatry) – REPLAY AVAILABLE NOW

Dr Elie Matar (Physician Training) – REPLAY AVAILABLE NOW

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Stepping Up to Registrar Role

A series of one hour webinars weeknight evenings via Zoom.

Your chance to hear from current trainees about the challenges of becoming a Registrar so that you can be better prepared yourself. Facilitated by our Medical HR expert Dr Anthony Llewellyn.

At the end of these Webinars you will better understand issues such as:

  • What’s it like in the first few days and weeks of being a Registrar
  • Handling your first on-call or take
  • Handling your first consult
  • How to delegate and manage junior medical officers
  • How to manage your time effectively
  • How to study while you are working
  • How to manage difficult bosses
  • How to get good feedback from your bosses


Live attendees will have the opportunity to ask their own questions

*By participating in this Live Webinar you are consenting to participate in a recording to be used for future purposes and the benefit of other students and customers.  You have options to participate by asking text questions, voice questions or video questions.

AdvanceMed will take reasonable steps to remind you of this but we suggest that if you are concerned about being recorded you consider steps to either de-identify yourself and/or details of your questions (e.g. hospital location, other persons identities, patient details etc…).

AdvanceMed reserves the right to edit all Webinars to remove any information, including questions or comments that might pose a concern to others for whatever reason.

Should you notice a content problem with one of our webinars, we appreciate you notifying us at [email protected]

Webinar Replays

Dr Rachel Seaniger

Stage 1 Psychiatry Trainee 

Rachel is a first year Psychiatry Trainee and JMO Educator at the Hunter New England Local Health District


Replay available

Dr Elie Matar

Neurology Advanced Trainee

Elie was one of our most popular speakers at the recent workshop.  Elie is a Physician Trainee and Neurodegenerative Disease Fellow with the Brain and Mind Research Institute and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Replay available

Dr Abhinav Aggarwal – REPLAY AVAILABLE

SET2 Orthopaedic Registrar

Abhinav is an accredited Orthopaedic Registrar currently working at The Wollongong Hospital.He has a Masters of Surgery, and is involved in medical education and student selection at UNSW.


Watch the Replay

Behavioural Interview Questions

Hear from our Medical HR expert Dr Anthony Llewellyn about one of the common types of interview questions used in job selections and how they apply in medical training scenarios.

At the end of this Webinar you will:

  • Understand why behavioural questions are used (including the evidence for them)
  • Be familiar with some of the common behavioural interview scenarios
  • Be better prepared to cite examples of your past work for both behavioural questions ad well as other interview questions


Watch the replay