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Advertising Terms and Conditions.

The AdvanceMed sites do not run themselves. It costs money to operate. We can only provide useful content if some of our viewers purchase services from the site and if we are able to run advertisements on the site.

Advertisements are considered part of the content of the site. And as such, it is a breach of the terms of use to use of the site to do anything to alter the layout or content of the site. This includes the use of applications such as ad-blockers to prevent the uploading of ads. It is also worth noting that most ad blockers present security risks to the user and increase the amount of spam information that they may receive.

General Disclaimer

Information by AdvanceMed via its website, communications, social media channels and workshop is general advice only & provided in good faith and do not necessarily reflect the views of the guest writers and/or event organisers.

AdvanceMed does not guarantee accuracy, reliability or completeness of information and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or adverse events caused to or suffered by any person as a result of accessing this information or attending the workshop.

AdvanceMed may in some circumstances pass on your details to other parties (i.e. sponsors).  We will only ever do this if we inform you that this is the case and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure other parties provide an option for you to unsubscribe from their marketing lists.

Online Coaching and Skills Information:

As our coaches do other work and have to fit sessions around their schedule our times for bookings are somewhat limited.  We encourage you to book as early as possible to ensure that the sessions meet your schedule.  Note most session times are within normal working hours so you should consider whether you may be able to have time off for coaching and also investigate the availability of a quiet room at your workplace or home office.

If you ask to reschedule with more than 7 days notice we will do our best to accommodate this.  If you give less than 7 days notice we are under no obligation to offer another booking.

If we cancel or have to reschedule we will endeavour to find an alternative time that suits you free of any additional charge.

You are responsible for ensuring you have access to the technology and equipment required for these sessions. 

Event Ticketing Information:

If you purchase a ticket to one of our events and are unable to attend you can contact us via email – info@advancemed.com.au

If you notify us with at least 6 weeks notice, we can either organize a refund or alternative services up to the value of the price of your ticket.
If refunding there will be a 10% administration fee to cover our costs as well as the costs of transactions.

If you notify us with less than 6 weeks notice we are happy for you to arrange to on-sell or transfer your ticket to another party.  You will need to provide sufficient evidence of this transfer to us and you are responsible for conducting the transfer, including any financial exchanges.

We are a small company and cannot be held accountable for external factors, such as hospital roster changes, airline disruptions or illnesses.  Should you be unable to attend our event for reasons outside of your control, please contact us and provide evidence to the effect and we will make our best endeavour to offer you alternative services up to the price of your ticket.

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