In this Section we will cover some of the types of Difficult Bosses you may encounter in Medicine, possible reasons for why you might struggle with such Bosses and some tips for owning and dealing with the problem.

Its important to recognize here that every situation will be different and each Boss situation will be different.  So no Boss is likely to neatly fit into a certain category all the time.  In fact its often only under stress that you may see a Boss become difficult and they may behave quite differently (i.e. normally or in a way you find helpful and useful) at other times.

In all cases you should remember to treat your Boss with empathy and tread lightly when attempting to own the problem.

We have deliberately kept two Boss types back for discussion last.  As these are the two Bully Boss types which are often the most difficult to encounter and deal with and for whom treading lightly is absolutely essential.


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