Don’t just write a good medical trainee CV | Make a GREAT Medical CV that Really Stands Out

Write a good medical trainee CV | Build a Great Medical CV that stands out

In this course we don’t just teach you how to write a good medical trainee CV.  That’s because we are interested in getting the right results for our students.  In this course, we teach you how to make a great CV that really helps you to stand out by blending online content with expert instructors.  You don’t just get a great CV out of this course.  Importantly, you learn the skill of how to revise your CV for whatever job application you go for in the future.

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Are you interested in how to write a good medical trainee CV?

In this course, you will be led through the process of putting together a well-presented standout CV for medical trainee positions.

Every one is different and so is everyone’s CV.  But there are certain key considerations you should take into account when trying to sell yourself to prospective employers.

A good CV is obviously just a starting point to obtaining that dream job in medicine.  It will increase your chances of getting to the interview stage.  A poor CV may be the thing that prevents you getting an interview.

Please Note:  The basic form of this course is a community post based course, which means that any questions you might ask during the course are available for others to review and see answers provided.  Towards the end of the course, you will be given a chance to submit your new CV to the course tutors and get some private feedback.

Interested in Private Coaching as part of this course?

The private coaching format of the course includes private coaching.  You will be assigned a personal tutor to guide you through the process and feedback on your CV as you build it.

How does this work?

There is a private section assigned only to you and your course coach/es.  You can upload any information you would like here and ask questions of your coach.  Your coach will answer questions and provided personalised feedback as you build your Great CV.  All of this is hidden to other students.  You can still ask questions and make comments in the public comments section and read what other students and the course tutors have posted there.

Questions and Answers:

Q. Does this course teach me everything I need to know to complete my CV in time for medical trainee applications?

A. Yes.  This course teaches you every aspect of the process of compiling and formatting.  we teach you how to write a good medical trainee CV and then make it a GREAT one; from personal qualifications to keeping it stored safely and up to date.  In addition, if there is something specific that you do not feel is answered in the course our expert instructors are available to provide additional support through the comments section or private post option.  Of course, you will need to allow yourself sufficient time to complete the course so as to submit your CV on time.

Q. My jurisdiction has a CV template that they wish me to complete.  Will this course still help me?

A. Yes.  We are aware that in certain jurisdictions, such as Queensland and South Australia there are templates you are encouraged to use or complete.  Generally, these templates are about ensuring that you provide a minimum amount of required information and reflect the requirements that AHPRA requires, particularly for International Medical Graduates.  So you really do have the option of using this course to complete your CV in your own format, whilst ensuring that this particular information is present.  Or if you like, you can also use this course to complete the CV template.

Q. How much time should I allow to complete the course?

A. We recommend allowing yourself a few days to complete the course.  If you have a block of time it can be completed in a few hours, which would be around the amount of time it might take you to review your CV.


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Course Information

Estimated Time: You should set aside about the amount of time it would take you to compile your CV properly. For some this might be a couple of evenings. Others may want to space it out over a few days.

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Anthony Llewellyn Anthony Llewellyn Author

I pay respect to elders past and present on the lands I work on | Dad & Husband | Medical Educator | Psychiatrist | Coach | Manager / Leader | Technologist

12 month access plan with Private Coaching

1 year of access

Experience the same course material as other students, including the ability to post questions and comments to tutors. Plus have your very own private coach to guide you through the development of your CV in a private section. Heavily discounted whilst we finalize the course.  Includes up to half hour one on one Zoom session with your own course coach.

Build a Great Medical Trainee CV Course

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