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How Do You Deal with a Difficult Boss in Medicine?

Those who know me know that I am a big fan of Robert Sutton‘s classic book on Workplace Civility (The No Asshole Rule).  In this book Sutton demonstrates how one bad egg can have such a devastating effect on workplace culture and harmony.   Including, yes you guessed...

Stepping up with Elie Matar

Dr Elie Matar is an Advanced Trainee in Neurology who is currently a Fellow in Neurodegeneration at the Brain and Mind Centre During this interview Elie discusses a range of strategies for making the transition to Registrar easier.  These include: grabbing...

Welcome to the #Prevoc Space

A hearty congratulations to making it to this exciting phase of your career.  Around Australia and New Zealand January is the time of year that we welcome a bunch of new doctors to our profession. Here are 11 tips on handling the transition that I originally shared...